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In 2008, Canon released the 5D Mark II  camera that could shoot both stills and video. This was my first real camera, a revolution for many, and a signal of what was to come. The modern landscape is one where businesses must be visually polished, as well as transparent and authentic in the eyes of their consumers. 

Both stills and video need to be the highest quality to help you succeed. 
Social media has allowed brands to have a more personal voice, regardless of their size. Storytelling through video, educational content and stunning imagery is the new standard. To stand out, your content needs to shine even brighter and resonate more deeply. 

This is my mission: to help people grow their business with quality content.
As a hybrid shooter, I often shoot stills alongside video content. When clients need to keep their content in sync and on-brand across every platform, shooting photos and video at the same time is vital. I shoot natural light, or with photography strobes, in addition to the continuous lights I often use for video. Shaping light around human faces is one of my favorite aspects of photography, and it is the starting point of my process. 
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